Terry:: Terry is always broke and loves to party which could be problem until he found his true talent of finding parties and events that cost him $0. Coming from Port Arthur TX (RIP Pimp C, Janis Joplin.) 10 years ago he quickly got into the flow of keeping Austin weird. He enjoys volunteering for festivals such as SXSW, ATX TV Fest and Fantastic Fest. He started the Ballin on a Budget group in 2012 because he wanted one place to let his friends know where to find him at parties little did he know it would morph into page, Twitter, Instagram and website. One thing is certain he will forever be a Baller on a Budget’.

Dominic: Dominic attended Texas A&M- Corpus Christi and The University of Texas at Austin where he received a BA in Psychology. Along with managing several bands, he has experimented in many other aspects of the music industry. Interning with several California based marketing companies, Dominic has had the chance to gain useful skills that he has put into practice in South and Central Texas. He has worked with such record companies as Tommy Boy Records, Astrealworks, and Capitol Records. He has also worked behind the scenes at events like SxSw, Austin Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Warped Tour, and produced events such as Velocity Games. Dominic founded a company called Equal Eyez Entertainment in 2002 which he still runs today as a promotions company. Under the same name he has previously owned both a recording studio that recorded over 100 bands and released 2 compilation cd’s, and owned one of the largest music venues in South Tx. At his venue/bar, Dominic oversaw daily operations and booked over 2000 local and national touring acts. Merging three similar Facebook pages with Terry, Dominic now helps out Ballin’ on a Budget ATX.

Melissa Hoffman: Melissa attended UW-Milwaukee where she received BAs in Marketing and Finance. After working up in Milwaukee for a few years she decided it was time to get out of the cold and migrate down south to the beautiful city of Austin.  She loves festivals, outdoor adventures, hot sauce, free stuff, and sharing that free stuff with others. Being the planner that she is, Melissa is always keeping busy and making sure that all of her friends are filled in on what’s happening around town. So much so that she has developed the reputation with them as the “Queen of Finding Free Shit”. When Ballin’ was looking for someone to join their team it only made sense that she reach out to contribute!

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    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    If you plan to vote by mail: Don’t wait 15 days before! Request your ballots ASAP and then you can drop them off at several places with Travis County that will be designated drop off centers!


    Also reminders:

    The deadline for registering by mail to vote is (postmarked by) Monday, October 5, 2020. Register via www.votetexas.gov

    Have you moved? If you have moved in the same county you can update info, but if you moved to a different county or new to Texas you need to reregister. Find out more via www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/did-you-change-something.html

    The deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) Friday, October 23, 2020.

    The early voting period runs from Tuesday, October 13, 2020 to Friday, October 30, 2020.

    Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    The following businesses can increase capacity from 50% to 75%:

    Retail stores
    Manufacturing facilities

    You can now visit people at assisted living facilities, and elective surgeries can resume.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    If you know a business struggling (or you are a business owner) in Austin and needs support, let us know in the comments or message us so we can share it.

    Daughter's tweet saves her dad's taco truck business
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Elias had to close his restaurant because of the recession in 2008. The pandemic was threatening to shut down his taco truck, but his community wasn't about to let his business fail. via HeartThreads
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Governor Abbott is scheduled to speak at noon on reopening more of the state.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    JUST IN: Two cranes collided at a construction site in east Austin and 21 people were hurt, ATCEMS says.