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Ballin’ on a Budget ATX (baller) was started  by Terry Fleming as a Facebook page to post free events around Austin to friends and followers. Baller has been run by Terry, Dominic, and Traci for the last several years, posting at least one free or almost free event or deal on a daily basis. We occasionally post other things. We focus on free music, food, drinks, art, and film. Something fun or cheap.  We also have a Instagram and Twitter we do not utilize as much as we should. 

A few years back a friend of baller gave us discounted hosting for a website and we bought the domain which is also the username for our fb page ( If you look at our website we try to post one thing a month, but would love to work with new people who like to write and cover events. Our website has had around 750k hits a year each year for the last 4 years. Our heaviest traffic comes during SxSw where we post a master list of free RSVP events during the festival. Currently from Oct 2018-Sept 2019 we have had 933,369 hits.

We are looking for like minded people that would like to help out in some way, either helping share events on social media or on by blogging about local events.

Social Media: On the fb page we try to post once a day but with our busy lives, we miss some great local events. We post a lot of stuff day of, but are looking to change it up and get help to post a few days in advance when possible. We are also looking to start posting more to Instagram and trying to get the baller twitter back on track. 

If you are looking to share free events on social media, we would give you moderator access and would work with each other on what works the best with everyone.

Website/ blogging: This is for people who want to write about events. We are looking for someone who likes to go to local or nationwide events, food, travel, etc.,  and would like to write about their experiences for baller. For paid events you would apply for media credentials and basically in exchange for pre and post event coverage, you get into concerts and paid events for free. Basically you are working your way in. 

 If you are looking to help us out with our website, we would hook you up with a email and you are freelance media blogger, emailing events you want to apply for press credentials. We would preapprove anything you want to apply for so there is no overlap by any of us. Also if you are a current blogger and would like to share anything you have written in the past on our website, let us know. Either way you always get full credit for anything you write. 

We work on a zero dollar budget, and this is NOT a paid gig. This is an opportunity to build your resume and be part of a community who enjoys. If you find a way to make money while working with us that is great, just let us know. We also occasionally find ways to get paid while also doing something that benefits the website or social media. We sometimes cross promote events in exchange for free tickets, or ticket giveaways. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, please complete the form below. Thanks. Dominic. 

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    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    The following businesses can increase capacity from 50% to 75%:

    Retail stores
    Manufacturing facilities

    You can now visit people at assisted living facilities, and elective surgeries can resume.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    If you know a business struggling (or you are a business owner) in Austin and needs support, let us know in the comments or message us so we can share it.

    Daughter's tweet saves her dad's taco truck business
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Elias had to close his restaurant because of the recession in 2008. The pandemic was threatening to shut down his taco truck, but his community wasn't about to let his business fail. via HeartThreads
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Governor Abbott is scheduled to speak at noon on reopening more of the state.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    JUST IN: Two cranes collided at a construction site in east Austin and 21 people were hurt, ATCEMS says.
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Ballin' On A Budget ATX
    Another long time Austin favorite (Veggie Heaven) has closed for good. Also rumor mill via KLBJ is saying Buffalo Billiards has also closed permanently.

    Updated list below. Let me know if anything is missing.

    8 Track
    Austin Java (all but 1)
    B.D. Riley’s (downtown)
    Be More Pacific
    Black Walnut Café
    Blue Dahlia (E. 11th only. Westlake loc. still open)
    BT2 Club (Bout Time)
    The Brewer’s Table
    Buffalo Billards
    Buzzmill Coffee Shady (East)
    Cafe Josie
    Cap City Comedy
    Chocolaterie Tessa
    Dart Bowl
    Daruma Ramen
    Dirty Dog Bar
    Dive Bar & Lounge
    Fricano’s Deli
    Full English
    I Luv Video
    Lucy’s on the Lake
    Magnolia Café West
    The North Door
    One-2-One Bar
    Shady Grove
    Skull Mechanix
    St. Roch’s Bar
    Sugar Mama’s (East)
    The Townsend
    Veggie Heaven
    Vulcan Video